Tool Sharpening and Repair

At Summit Saw & Tool in Kalispell, Montana, we resharpen all tools related to the wood and cabinet industry, which includes saw sharpening and end mill sharpening. We can repair saw teeth, shoulders, and bent saw blades. We also service metal-working industry tools of all sizes and shapes of end mills and drills.

Carbide Saws
Planer Blades
Router Bits
Hand Tools
End Mills
Drill Bits
Spiral Bits

Volmer CX-100 Walter 500

Our Process

Our process for resharpening carbide saw blades, shaper cutters, and router bits includes inspection, cleaning, and replacement of chipped or missing teeth, checking for runout, and coating with protective plastic.

End mill grinding is started with regrinding the outside diameter or flute geometry or regrinding the end according to the customer's need. If the customer would like to keep the original diameter, our end mill grinding is done in a way that you are able to keep your original diameter and coating intact. Our process involves inspecting the end mill for wear, cutting to the wear point, and regrinding a new end to the original geometry.

This method retains the exact original diameter and coating. The final length depends on the amount used before regrinding. We also can regrind outside diameter and flute if the customer would like.